Updates Corner!!!!

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1st January, 2014 – 31st March, 2014 Activities photo slideshow

Update Corner!!!

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We would like to take this opportunity to update our community of the following projects which run in 2012 and 2013 and some new projects to run in (2014) and beyond..

Kasempa Free of Corruption

The goal is to campaign for a corruption free Kasempa district.

This is Our new project we intend to start in 2014.

MYDF intends to intensify definite civic education in Kasempa district with the involvement of the general public more especially community based football and netball teams, this is so because we identified that there was a big gap between urban and rural areas in as regard to the fight against corruption in Kasempa District.
Half of the population of Kasempa belongs under 25 yrs of age which are facing problems with corruption being carried out in areas. This is seen from the way certain employments taking place are done. People with money being employed and a vulnerable youth who has no money is left out. There is need to empower the youth to fight against corruption & say no to corruption.
Their participation in public policy monitoring will hold the government accountable for ensuring transparency and accountability in management of public affairs. Hence, this project will give a platform to engage with government in implementing the Nation Anti-Corruption and Prevention Policy.

MYDF will therefore wish to create a platform through sport tournament where the general public will be educated on the effects of corruption and its consequences at this time people will also be informed about the RISE UP AND ACT NOW CAMPAIGN and those can write articles about Corruption will be given time to write so that corruption issues can be addressed and the leaflets on Corruption will be designed in both English and Local language.

Sector and geographical location
The project will be implemented in Kasempa district and some schools will be identified as venues. The target group will be the viewers of football & net ball matches.
The project will also target four Secondary schools in Kasempa district.

Time Frame
The project will run for 10 weeks from date of approval. The proposed start date of the project is May 2014 and expected to end by August 2014.

Organised a tournament of Football & Net ball. During the matches message for anti corruption will be carried out.
The go is to conduct 15 school based anti corruption awareness campaigns



Different issues to be addressed in this campaign such as; HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse, Corruption, Human Right and Gender, Stigma and Discrimination, Youth engagement in development.

These issues will be tackled through; Radio Programs, Forum discussions, Debate, Football competitions, one to one discussion and through article and leaflets writing.

This project aims at creating awareness in youths on the above mentioned issues.
The leaflets produced will be distributed to youths and to schools.
You can see some of our IEC materials designed:

The NGO has now been registered under SOCIETY ACT CAP 119 you can find our Certificate here:
MYDF Certificate

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