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About Us


Mukinge Youth Development Foundation (MYDF) is a non-governmental, non partisan and non- profit making organisation established in 2012 in Kasempa District with the aim of sharing accumulated experience and knowledge to identify both strength and weakness in political, social and economic participation of young people.

MYDF was registered with the registrar of societies Act Cap 119 of the laws of Zambia on 8th November 2013.

MYDF works with community based organization, churches, government and needy Communities and supports development endeavours through projects on HIV/AIDS, gender, human rights and civic education and exchange programmes.


Mukinge Youth Development Foundation is based in North Western Province of Zambia. The organization secretariat is located in Kasempa District. The organization intends to establish offices in other districts of North Western Province when the funds are available.


Kasempa is the second largest geographical District in Zambia (21, 000 sq km). It is a rural area with an estimated population of 78, 423 people.

Kasempa is 190 km away from the Provincial Headquarters, Solwezi. Solwezi is about 800 km from the Capital City, Lusaka. Kasempa is the second largest geographical District in Zambia (21, 000 sq km). It is a rural area with an estimated population of 78,423 people.
The major activity taking place in the district is small scale farming. There are high levels of poverty and high levels of unemployment among youths.
The district lack recreation and other youth resource centres to keep the youths busy, hence youths spend most of their times drinking and doing other unacceptable behaviours.


The Mukinge Youth Development Foundation (MYDF) actually began in 2012, before there was general recognition in the communities of the scope of the problem. We began an effort to sensitise and educate the youths about AIDS and HIV infection, Drug Abuse, Gender and Human Rights to mention but a few. This was after Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) trained some youths in peer education. The Team identified several surrounding areas for the sensitizations and the letters where the targeted villages and schools, we went into the villages and schools and conducted meetings, targeting especially the youths aged 14 – 25 years. The youths were divided into small groups, sat under shade trees and held group discussions.

Initially, the effort required ascertaining what the youths already knew or did not know about HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse and Human Right and Gender. However, ultimately the effort at this early stage focused on the main key drivers of HIV. Not surprisingly, the team discovered many misconceptions about the disease. Prevalent among most of the youths was the belief that AIDS was caused by witchcraft.

The MYDF team was able to dispel many misconceptions and was able to utilise some statistics, including HIV positively rates and even mortality statistics which were surprising to many, to enlighten and mobilise youths concerning HIV/AIDS and its prevention. Through the use of open-ended questions within the small-group discussion format, youths of various positions were led to consider what their roles might be within the context of HIV prevention, Human Right, Corruption and Participation in national affairs. They were asked to identify traditional practices which could lead to the spreading of the AIDS virus; and they were challenged to think of ways they could help their fellow youths to face the escalating threat of AIDS. Through it all they were encouraged to come up with their own answers and solutions, knowing that implementation of these solutions would be more successful if the ideas they were implementing were their own.

MYDF envision a society in which youths participate fully in the development of a democratic and prosperous Zambia and contributes to AIDS free Kasempa district.

MYDF promote positive behavior, attitudes and a health state of mind, body and spirit among the youths to advocate, inform, involve, inspire and celebrate social change through participating in developmental activities in Kasempa District so as to be able to reach their full potential life.

Our specific statements of intent are as follows:
1. To facilitate joint advocacy with and for the youths in Kasempa on matters of health development.
2. To support the capacity development of youths to provide quality health care through youth friendly health services.
3. To establish and maintain partnerships with other institutions and organizations in support of health development in Africa.
4. To take action on HIV/AIDS issues affecting young people.
5. To discourage unfavourable traditional practices and cultures, that promote abuse of human sexuality before marriage, early marriages and those that make citizens vulnerable to contracting HIV and AIDS.
6. To hold tangible discussions on relevant issues related to health and positive behaviour, e.g. Forum meetings, festivals, debates, on-going formation meetings
7. To promote participation of young people in developmental activities.
8. To defend human rights, challenge gender inequality and fight against child abuse.
9. Promoting secure and sustainable livelihoods for children, young people, women and men through appropriate education, vocational skills training, micro-enterprise and entrepreneurship development
(a) 10. Promoting programmes aimed at walking alongside our members in:
i. Learning and appreciating each other’s vocations and values,
ii. Personal development,
iii. Alleviating poverty, ignorance and disease,
iv. Listening to the voices of the marginalized and acting on their felt concerns
10. Establish branches as will be deemed appropriate.

• Youth driven
• Faith based
• Abstinence
• Responsibility
• Equity and justice
• Respect for human dignity
• Gender sensitivity
• Transparency and accountability
• Integrity and good stewardship
• Innovation and resourcefulness
• Inclusive and non-discriminatory
• Compassion and Solidarity
• Preference for marginalized and disadvantaged populations


The MYDF program implementation team is led by the Programme Director, who is assisted by; the Program Officer who is a Volunteers Coordinator, the M&E Officer, the Program Accountant and specialized Program Officers. The project activities are exclusively planned and implemented by community-based volunteers, who also form the membership of the organization. In addition to the local program team and community-based volunteers, MYDF also gets foreign volunteers from volunteer-sourcing partners outside Zambia.
The community volunteer’s compiles activity reports after the outreach and submit to the Programme Director who also compiles a final report and submit to the donors and present the report to the board of directors for evaluation. The program Accountant is also charged with responsibilities of preparing of monthly financial reports.

Programme Director: Planning activities, controlling, delegating and ensure that day to day activities are on track and on time. Monitor activities, ensure timely submission of reports. HIV/AIDS Counselor, Adult Mentor/Peer Educator

Programme Accountant: Part-time: renders Basic Accounting services to the project; Maintains MYDF’s financial and record books, Produces financial monthly reports and ensures receipts, financial documents are in order and properly done

Programme Officer: Part-time: monitor field activities, counseling peers and generally, provides programmatic support to the project. Qualified Youth mentor, HIV/AIDS Counselor

Assistant Programme Officer: Acts as front office person and assists the manager in day to day activities, monitors field activities, counsels peers and mentors, producing monthly reports. Qualified Adult mentor

Community volunteers: conduct our reach activities; HIV counseling and testing, facilitating discussions, create linkages and referrals, and act as role models to peers.


MYDF has a key role to play in the immediate future for its members, but also for the public and community as a whole. So far, since its inception, MYDF has been able to establish offices, conduct research, plan programs and network with other organisations in civil society. Now is the time for this organisation to build on these foundations and occupy its place in society as an effective organisation. To meet future challenges MYDF has refined its strategies and positioned itself to be a strategic player in the youth development arena. MYDF has articulated what it would like to be and what role it would like to play in the coming five years.


Mukinge Youth Development Foundation
Former Mukinge Service Department Buildings,
Along Mukinge Girls Mukunashi Road,
Opposite Mukinge Evangelical Church in Zambia,
Telephone: +260 969530761

Email: youth.mukinge@gmail.com or executivedirectormydf@gmail.com

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