MYDF was founded by Gerald Yungana in 2012, this was after discovering that in Kasempa district Youths were the most affected with HIV/AIDS and the high percentage of youths were not going for VCT. In Kasempa district there are high prevalence of HIV cases and a big number of people living with HIV are youths. Few HIV sensitization were conducted and it was also discovered that most of the youths were still ignorant when it comes to HIV transmission, Prevention and Treatment. This forced me to mobilize my fellow youths and we teamed up to come up with MYDF.

In 2012 some youths were identified and trained by CHAZ as HIV Peer Educators in order for them to be able to deliver adequate information to the youths in our district, This training boosted our morale to strengthen our organization and we begun to sensitize youths and schools about HIV and we wanted the youths to understand that AIDS is real.

MYDF is now a registered organization under the registrar of society of Zambia.


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