Gender and Human Right

Why gender and HIV & AIDS are linked

• Women shoulder the burden of care for people
living with HIV & AIDS.
• Biologically women are 1.4 times more likely to be infected than men. In fact young women in Zambia, aged between 15-19, are the group most likely to be infected.
• Women have unequal access to education
including on HIV & AIDS issues.
• Traditional practices such as sexual cleansing give power to men and put both men and women at
risk of becoming infected.
• Women are not seen as equal decision-makers,
only 15% of MPs are women, and so can not
negotiate on issues such as condom use.
• Women also do not have economic power and
face problems such as property grabbing which
further reduces their negotiation power. On average, men in Kasempa earn 5 times as
much as women but work less than half as
long each day as they do not contribute to
household chores.


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