We are happy to inform you that we embarked on micro managed finance aimed at empowering the disadvantaged and vulnerable women and we formed our first 5 groups in Mpungu Community and the response was so overwhelming and we are aiming at forming and establishing more groups of such kind within our catchment area and the all entire Kasempa district. Look at the photos during and after the sensitization process.

1836835_309172672573078_8613355062335933844_o 10258759_309172909239721_2539119552361275763_o (1) 10258759_309172909239721_2539119552361275763_o 10264092_309165162573829_8759308981128290074_o 10273287_309172229239789_3589401523793212359_o 10344357_309173069239705_4246536722624134346_o 10372922_309165012573844_8461170384882124542_o

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