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Mr. Gerald Yungana      

Executive Director

Mukinge Youth Development Foundation

MYDF was formed in 2012 in response to the call to fight against HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse and Human Right and Gender among youths in the District. MYDF conduct weekly meetings to discuss different problems affecting youths in Kasempa. In each meeting youths do have time to share on some topics and thereafter questions are invited from the other youths. In Kasempa District, there are no youth development organizations and we as MYDF, we want to help our fellow youths especially those who are not in employment to be self sustained by coming up with various Income Generating Activities (IGAs). With these IGAs more youths are going to benefit and be able to contribute to the development of the nation. MYDF has no reliable donors and we are still looking for donors. CHAZ only provided the youths with a skill in Peer Education and almost everyone is not in employment and are willing to work. MYDF has a plan to embark on a number of projects once funds are mobilised. With the membership paid by the members, we have continued to work but under difficulties. Your donations to this NGO can contribute to our achievement of our set goals.

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